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Here is your chance at winning Rs. 1 crore through a new challenge announced by government

Here is your chance at winning Rs. 1 crore through a new challenge announced by the government

The Indian government tossed the challenge of developing a new video conferencing app towards Indian companies, days after it said to refrain from using Zoom app due to safety concerns. The challenge provides the citizens with a chance to win Rs. 1 crore while sitting at home.

For the smooth sailing of Work from home(WFH), the government introduced the “ Innovation Challenge for Development of Video Conferencing Solution.” With WFH increasing rapidly, there has been a humongous exchange of information online through video conferencing apps, leading to increasing concerns over privacy and data sharing.

The registrations commenced on April 13 and will end on April 30. The results would be declared on 29 July. The winning team will be awarded with a whopping Rs 1 crore to deploy the app to be used by central and state governments. The winning team will also be honoured with a certificate by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

A few days back, an advisory from CERT-India stated that Zoom app has major safety concerns and government offices and officials must refrain from using it. People, apart from government officials who are willing to use the Zoom app must follow the guidelines according to the advisory which is available on Cert-In website.

The platform has come under the radar regarding security issues. Several cases of the app being hacked have surfaced. The guidelines by Cert-In are aimed at preventing unauthorized entry into ongoing meeting, preventing authorised participants from carrying out unlawful activities and avoid DOS attacks by restricting users by means of passwords and access grants.

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