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Is the Stock market set to crash again

Is the Stock market set to crash again?

The stock market is bound to crash sooner or later. Most people feel the need to know the accurate period during which the crash is bound to happen. This could help them in taking their money out of the stocks and keep it to them until the crash happens. This sounds good theoretically but practically it is not possible to accurately predict when a market crash is bound to happen.

Markets keep crashing and subsequently recovering. The time of recovery may vary depending upon the intensity of the crash.  The catch lies in always being prepared for a sudden stock market crash.

For the start, make sure that the investment does not involve money you might need the subsequent years. The shares you own must be a part of companies that do not crumble under crisis. Even if the company’s share prices fall and their business might suffer, they should have the ability to come out of it. Always, keep a little cash in hand for making investments at a discount  in the shares of good companies amidst a market drop.

Don’t panic and continue investing. The crash and boom of stock markets are inevitable and unpredictable affairs. Nobody knows the timespan of the crash or its subsequent rebound. It is nothing to worry about, if you manage to remain prepared all the time for either of the events. As long as you hold shares in good companies for a long term, you will more or less emerge out unaffected from a market crash.

Writer – Arunima SenGupta

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