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Silver is reaching the gold rally

Silver is reaching the gold rally.

Roughly in 4 years, Silver futures made their highest settlement, sparked by a sharp surge in investment demand as the metal sister continues to hold on to gold gains.


Adrian Ash, director of research at BullionVault said,

” Trading grey metal is equivalent to 10% of gold seen everyday. Hedge funds and other money managers want to invest in something that led all time highs like yellow metals to gain more profit which can be a crash for silver”


According to Dow Jones Market Data about silver deal SIU 20, -2.29%,  the highest finish for a most-active deal since September 2016 has settled at $19.788 an ounce on Monday. Whereas Gold on Monday settled it’s August deal GCQ20, -0.85% at $1,814.10 an ounce, nearly $1,820.60 settled on July 8, that is the highest since September 2011.


Peter Spina, president and chief executive officer of, said that in the last few months, there’s actually high purchases of silver through silver exchange traded funds. In the history of silver,  we’ve never seen this much demand in a little time.


President of silver news and analysis provider, “Spina”,  mentioned the reasons for the rise in silver interest that the metal had been rejected and mostly ignored over the years as most former silver buyers turned to cryptocurrency and other markets. Spina stated “It’s hard to ignore the value of silver” to MarketWatch. He also said, “One of the best value indicators is the relative value of silver to gold”. According to him,  the ratio of gold to silver could peak 130. Which means, to buy one ounce of gold,  it’d take 130 ounce of silver.


Ash of the bullion vault said that even though this ratio manages to rebound from its four-year low of 84, by the end of August it will have fallen from a four-month low of 93 to gold at $ 21.50. If gold is $ 1,800 level. Gold’s all-time, reaching the peak of $ 1,900 could lead to silver of $ 22.60, he said.


According to Dow Jones market data, settlement records for the most active gold futures are $ 1,891.90 since August 22, 2011, as per the record of November-1984. The record intraday level was seen on September 6, 2011 at $ 1,923.70 an ounce.


Ash also said that, “the count of individuals who have noticed stability diversification with precious metals has never been higher this year” he stated, “with silver holding up to 26% on BullionVault, an 11% increase in gold”


Writer -Utkarsh Goswami

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