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The U.K. reveals 59 countries exempt from quarantine rules

The U.K. reveals 59 countries exempt from quarantine rules

The U.K. government decided to skip a 14-day quarantine rule for visitors to England from 59 countries. Passengers arriving in England from any of the 59 countries and territories will not be forced to self-isolate for 14 days on entering the country from July 10.

The list of 59 countries includes France, Germany, Italy, and Spain and more European countries apart from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. Barbados, St Kitts, and Nevis and St Lucia. However, the U.S. failed to be a part of the European Union’s safe list, apart from US Canada or Sweden is also not on the list. Portugal was another notable omission from the list.

British politicians, including many in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party, criticized the quarantine measures, which were implemented as cases were falling across Europe. Conservative MP for Winchester Steve Brine said many people will think “it’s the right move at the wrong time,” Home secretary Priti Patel defended the restrictions in early June and said the U.K. was vulnerable to infections being brought in from abroad. At the time Patel said air bridges, allowing tourists to avoid isolating, were being considered and the measures would be reviewed at the end of June.


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