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This Indian Businessman Spent Rs. 60 Crore On His Number Plate

This Indian Businessman Spent Rs. 60 Crore On His Number Plate

Custom registration plates are popular across the globe, especially in a few western countries where you can select a set of alphabets and numbers to form an acronym or a word. The government in India doesn’t allow you to pick custom alphabets now, however, you can still have a particular number if you’re somebody who has faith in numerology.

Nonetheless, this Indian businessman settled in Dubai sits at the pinnacle of the list of custom registration plates. If his previous Rolls-Royce Phantom with an ‘O9’ number plate wasn’t enough altogether, Balvinder Singh Sahni (Abu Sabah) has purchased, moreover, the ‘D5’ registration number for his other Rolls-Royce car.


Sahni acquired the registration plate through an auction that was organized by Dubai Road and Transport Authority, for the sale of 80 special numbers to the highest bidders. Wanting the D5 registration plate, Balvinder Singh Sahni ended up spending a gigantic amount and spent a massive amount of AED 33 million for it, which apparently translates to about Rs 67.95 crore in the Indian currency.

For Sahni, it is not the very first time that he has spent so sumptuously on a registration plate, since the O9 number plate had cost him about AED 25 million (INR 51.49 crore). The Founder & Chairman of RSG Group of Companies can be witnessed to move around in his Rolls-Royce with the D5 registration plate quite frequently. The Indian-origin businessman also possesses various other Rolls-Royce cars in his garage.

Further, auctions alike are quite frequently held by Dubai Road and Transport Authority for special registration numbers once every few months. 300 bidders, in one event, can take part for around 80 special registration numbers. For as considered currently, the previously mentioned D5 number plate is the most expensive registration made in the entire world.

Auctions like these, even in India, are held by RTOs of different states. While ultra-rare registration plates might cost much more than the price you paid for your vehicle, you can still choose less popular numbers which are relatively more affordable, in case.


Writer – Soumili Roy.

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